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Thursday, June 22, 2017
  It made me laugh!

Very funny movie!

Monday, June 12, 2017
  Let's talk some politics

Why are people so unhinged this time around?
I don't recall conservatives going off the deep end when a junior senator from Illinois got elected president 8 and a half years ago.
Yeah sure their was some bitching, but the shit coming out of people's mouths this time around is nuts!
I was never a big fan of "The Donald" before  he got elected. I thought he was pretty much a pompous ass. You know, all that, "You're fired!" bull was a little over the top. But people seemed to like it. His show was a hit. I dunno, I never watched it. And I grew up watching New York tv stations, so this guy's been around a long time for me.

Hey, he's a winner. He's supposedly worth billions AND when he decided he wanted to be the president, he became the president.
Of course, a dried out pasta noodle should have been able to beat the criminal he was running against. Yeah, that's what I called her, a criminal.

Listen, I carried a security clearance for about 30 years and I'm telling you that if I did what Hillary Clinton did with the classified information in my control, I'd be doing shore duty in Kansas, STILL! And by shore duty in Kansas, I mean the federal penitentiary in Leavenworth.
People are confused about why she lost. I'm not and you shouldn't be either. The list of people in prison today for doing a lot less than she did is longer than my... leg! If I was the president I'd be working to  put her ass in there right now, but I'm just a vindictive prick!

One thing I'll tell you and I really believe this, is that you have to really scour the news. You can't get your news from only one source. You have to bounce around and see what every one is saying. You'll find shit that's way out of line and you'll find stuff that's right down the middle.

You have to use common sense. Yeah, I know, it ain't that common, but you gotta try.
We're pretty well unplugged in my house. We have no cable tv any more. We do have internet and I have a Roku box. I watch a lot of movies and a little news. But go to YouTube and see the craziness that's put up there about Trump. If that's the only place your getting your news from then I can understand why you might be unhinged. It's not just YouTube though. There's, Crackle, Break and sites like that where the most ridiculous stuff is put it there as news. How's anyone supposed to know it's crazy if that's the only place they're seeing anything?
My daughter, who I think is pretty smart as today's young people go, started talking a little smack when the president backed our country out of a climate deal that basically screwed us while every other country got to spew as much shit into the air as they wanted to. There's too much shady shit going on with climate scientists fucking with numbers and formulas to get the results they want. I should be sitting in a boat right now in my living room 10 miles from the beach if some of the shit that was spewed 10 years ago was true.
I remember being taught in school that the earth was cooling! Now it's warming! Make up your mind.

The weather man or woman can't even tell me accurately if it's gonna rain in the next 4 hours and I'm supposed to believe these assholes that tell me my house will be underwater in another 10 years?  and then, after they spew their rhetoric, they hop in their caravan of SUVs so they can get to their private jet and spew a carbon foot print bigger than most third world countries.  Yeah sure, go fuck yourself.

The president says he wants to make America great again. I say give the guy a chance. He can't fuck it up any worse than the last guy did.


I'm back in my blog finally.
Life is still pretty good.
I've got a lot to tell you since the last time I was on here.
I've been dead for 26 minutes.  No I didn't see the light. I did see my pop though.
My girls are both married now and one of them moved 7 hours away.
We'll get to that over time.
Talk to you soon... please be patient.

Thursday, December 12, 2013
  From the Jersey shore


Tuesday, December 10, 2013
  Pop's Tree

Last year at this time we took my pops ashes up to a spot in north Jersey where we always went deer hunting.

He had said he wanted to be spread under his favorite tree.

I didn't take a pic of the tree then but I did yesterday when we went back up for a day of hunting.

The picture doesn't really show how big this tree is. Where the tree starts to split in this picture is well over my head. It's actually 7 big pines that have been growing together for as long as any of us can remember. And each one of them is at least fifteen inches around. The tree stands close to a hundred feet tall.

It's a beautiful spot on state owned land. I hope they never do anything stupid and decide to build condos or a mall or something there. It should be pretty safe though, it's well off the beaten path.

It's a nice place to visit. I sat under that tree yesterday afternoon and had a nice quiet talk with my pop. I let him know how much I missed him and how nice it was to visit with him. I'm sure he knows though, I tell him every day.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013
  The day I got it.

I'll add another soon. I did my first upgrade. Add sale bags I bought on Craig's list.


Monday, October 28, 2013
  Walgreen's Sucks! And here's why...
I recently found out that Walgreen's Drug stores, you know the ones, they're found on just about every street corner in America, don't except Tricare health insurance. For those of you that don't know, Tricare is military health insurance. All Active duty, retirees and dependants of same use Tricare. So, I went on their website and sent them the following email. We'll see if they respond. In the meantime, I won't be shopping for anything at Walgreen's. To whom it may concern, I am writing this email to let you know that I am deeply disappointed to recently learn that your stores do not except Tricare medical insurance. I find it very disturbing that you would not support those of us that have protected this country with our lives. I've always thought it was very convenient that your stores are located on almost every street corner in America. But you know what? There's a CVS or a Rite-Aid on every other street corner in America also. I will make it a point to inform all my friends of this fact. As most of them will undoubtedly be as disturbed by this information as I am. Sincerely, Andrew Marsh, Jr. USN Retired
Not sure if I am THE ugly American, but I must be AN ugly American, because some Canadian told me so!!!

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