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Friday, June 25, 2010
  God has it out for me!!!
I'm not exactly sure why. I think I know the reason. All those dumb things I did when I was younger. But I'm pretty convinced that if there is a god, he or she is upset with me.

I found out a couple of days ago that my Cutie Pie will be bringing another Cutie Pie into the world. We've known for a while that she's pregnant, but we just found out the other day what she's having.

Why? What have I done to deserve another woman in my life? Isn't my hair gray enough? Haven't I learned to say "Yes Dear" well enough? Haven't all the women in my life cost me enough already?

Apparently not! My cutie Pie is bringing another woman into this world to control me! And something tells me that she will most definately control me more than any other woman I've ever met has...

But as I've been saying, I don't have to be near as mature to be the Grandude as I was supposed to be as a parent.

So, little lady, when you get here just be ready to have a very good life. I'll make sure of it for you. One thing is for'll be loved like no other...

To the man or woman upstairs....thanks alot! Really!

And to all the little men out your step!
Sunday, June 06, 2010
A few years back I wrote a piece saying that I wouldn’t vote for Kerry because he wasn’t the kind of guy that I’d invite to my house for a beer. I thought he was too stuck up and too much of an elitist to be president of our country.
I got a lot of grief for this sentiment. Who cares if you want to have a drink with him people said to me. What a stupid way to look at it others told me. But I still think it’s a good criterion to look for in a president. I still want someone that can relate to me and people like me. What talking heads call the middle class. How is someone that’s never walked in my shoes supposed to understand my needs?
Well, now all those people that disagreed with me have what they want. A cerebral president. A president that thinks before he acts. The problem is, who knows what the hell he’s thinking?!? In his year and a half in office he’s done none of the things people want and a lot of things most of the people don’t want!
The first item on his agenda was health care. From just about every poll I’ve seen, a good majority of the people in our country didn’t want this, but he went ahead with it anyway. Granted, most of us said we wanted some reform, but what we didn’t want was for the government to take over the health care industry. Why is it that the government is now going to give to everyone something that cost me twenty years of my life? And when has anyone ever appreciated anything that they didn’t have to earn?
I can come up with a bunch of reasons why Medicare and Social Security aren’t such bad ideas. People pay into the SS fund and the Medicaid/Medicare fund their entire lives, kind of like a retirement plan. But the government has been spending that money on other things for ever. It’s not in AL Gore’s proverbial “lock box”, is it? Can you name one thing the government has ever taken over that ran better than it did before they got their hands on it? Look at the Post Office! You have companies like FedEx, UPS and DHL that have been doing the same thing for years and making money doing it, but the government loses money year after year.
I can’t blame it all on Obama. He’s had a lot of help from people like Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid. With all their backroom deals they make congress look like a bad episode of the Sopranos! Where’s the transparency this president promised? Did anyone see any open debating on any of the bills that congress has passed in the last year and a half? And now we find out that it may not be DC politics as usual for this president, it may actually be worse! It may be Chicago politics as usual! It appears that Obama and his team have been doing behind closed doors the same things that the governor of Illinois is on trial for!
And believe me, I understand that the president can’t put on a deep sea diving suit and fix the oil leak in the gulf any more than Bush could’ve put on a red and blue leotard with a big “S” on the chest and stopped Katrina. But he could at least show a little emotion! He’s like a robot! He acts exactly the way Maureen Dowd described him, like Mr. Spock from Star Trek! And that’s not how I want my president to act in a time of emergency. The way Obama acts is no better than the way Bush acted after Katrina. I think it’s actually worse! What BP is doing to the gulf coast is much worse than what nature did to the 9th ward! And Obama’s reaction has been terrible! Instead of heading to the gulf he headed to CA for a fund raiser for Barbara Boxer!
I realized how screwed up he was when he ran his mouth about the cop in Cambridge before he knew all the facts. Like most liberals, he spewed way before he knew what was going on, taking one side only because it was good for votes! And then he followed it up with a “beer summit”. What a joke! The SOB probably doesn’t even drink beer, at least not American beer!
And to me the topper happened last weekend. Memorial Day weekend. I tried to find out how many presidents have NOT laid the wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier on Memorial Day, but I couldn’t. I’d be happy to hear from anyone that might know. We’re at war people! We’ve lost a few thousand soldiers in two wars over the past 8 or 9 years and our president takes a vacation in Chicago because he’s only been home once since he got into office…poor baby!
But hey, what do you expect from a guy who suggested that soldiers, sailor, airmen and marines pick up the tab for their own medical expenses! Look it up on Snopes, as liberal as they are, and believe me, they are, they say it’s MOSTLY false. Their reasoning is that the email that circulated had quotes attributed to the president that he apparently didn’t say exactly as they’re quoted, but he DID say that he thought that military members should use their own private health insurance to help cover the costs of their military related injuries. And people wonder why he skipped the wreath laying at Arlington. I’ll tell you why. He despises the military as most liberals do. They love the freedom the military provides for them, but deep down they hate everything the military stands for and would much rather apologize for us than appreciate us.

I’m done for now…have a nice day!

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