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The Ugly American
Thursday, July 30, 2009
  It really is amazing!
I try to watch the other channels like MSNBC to find out what the really crazy people are thinking, but it just gets to me so easily.

Last night I was watching Chris Matthews drool on himself and he had some woman from on his show who told the people watching this show that the reason Obamas' health care deal isn't working is because America is full of racists! She actually said that this health care bill was failing because people don't like the black president!

It has nothing to do with the fact that MOST people in this country already have health care and no one is really interested in supplying it to the illegal aliens, or is that undocumented workers, I get so confused sometimes.

I think the people on MSNBC are one of the reasons that the Fox News Channel has such high ratings. They spend half their time reporting on the stupid stuff being spewed by guys like Glen Beck. They had their panties all up in a wad yesterday because the day before Beck had said that he thought the president was a racist.

I don't know if you can call the guy a racist. I'm sure if I jumped up and said the cop was right and the black professor was wrong somebody would have called me a racist. They called the poor woman that made the 911 call a racist, of course that was before they heard the tape of the call. You know the one, the call where the person reporting a suspected crime said she wasn't sure what color the two guys were that she saw forcing their way into a house.

But somehow, before all the facts were in our new president can report to the American public that the Cambridge police acted stupidly. Not the professor, he's a friend of the presidents, no way one of his socialist friends could or would ever act stupidly.

Let's look at just a few things...

First, we have the Rev Wright. A person that most people believe is a racist. You can hear it in his own words...

The we have the Latina woman that says she's sure she would make better decisions based on her upbringing than a white man...

And now we have the presidents buddy, a liberal professor, who for some reason, a cop, and not just any cop, but the cop in the Cambridge PD that's in charge of a department designed specifically to combat racial profiling and whose friends say doesn't have a racist bone in his body, decided that he needed to arrest a man in his own home because he was being "uncooperative". But he "acted stupidly"? I wonder who really acted stupidly...

I think the thing that's really bothering me is that EVERYTHING that doesn't work for Obama for whatever reason is blamed on racism by a select few and for some reason that select few gets a voice on MSNBC. Glen Beck is a racist because he called the president a racist?!??! How the hell does that work?

I saw a picture the other day of Obamas head pasted on what looked like a witch doctors body. Of course, this is construed as racism. Back in the day they called Uncle Ronnie's fiscal policies Voodoo Economics. Remember? I guess if they called Obamas health care plan, Voodoo health care that'd be racist too?

Get this people! Just because some people don't like the way that the black guy YOU voted for is running the country and they happen to be white doesn't mean they're racists. Got it? And just because I called him a black guy doesn't mean I'm one either!
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