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The Ugly American
Wednesday, February 25, 2009
  I've started a new blog...
I promise not to ignore this one though.

If you click on my profile on this page it will take you to a "dashboard". there you'll see I have another blog running.

My plan is to follow this adventure I'm embarking on. I'm going to try to keep track of how the business is going and the ups and downs I encounter along the way. Maybe, in a couple of years, when I become wildly successful, I'll pull it all out and write a book. Something along the lines of "A dumbass' guide to running a business"

Just try to keep up....m'kay?

Have a nice day!
Monday, February 23, 2009
  I'm finally gonna do it...
I'm starting my own business! I'm very excited and very scared at the same time. I believe I can make this work.

An advertising specialty and promotional products distributorship. I can get your company name put on over 800,000 different things and I'll be able to do it fast and inexpensively. Need screened t-shirts? How's $5 a piece sound? I'm talking good quality stuff, like Beefy T's and Hanes!

I went down to city hall this morning and picked up a business license.

My company's name is "i AM Promotions". I'm still working on a logo. I'll be up and running at around 75% in about 2 weeks. I have some training to go to in March and after that, I'll be up and running at full speed.

I'll have a company web site up and running in a few days. The company e-mail is Feel free to email it, the only thing that's showed up there so far are the test emails I've sent to it.

I may start a sister blog to this one and talk about my adventures as a small business owner. Then someday, I'll put all the entries together and make a book.

Anyway...wish me luck!

And oh yeah...have a nice day!
Wednesday, February 18, 2009
  Here's a few thoughts for you...
First, I was watching Man vs. Wild on the Discovery channel on Monday night and the Man in Man Vs. Wild, Bear Grylls, picked through some bear shit pulled out a few pieces of what he said was apple, rinsed them and ate them! My youngest daughter, the Mug, asked me why he just didn't go look for the apple tree? I think that would have been my first instinct as well! I guess if that's what it takes to survive, I just might have to die! It was funny, Bear said it tasted kinda gritty, kinda like an apple dragged through dog Bear, it was an apple run through a bear digestive tract! I guess it makes for good TV...or mind numbing TV, whatever you wanna call it. I like it.

Next, on A-Fraud.

I watched his press conference...I don't know why! It was something to do. Anyway..

I get the questions that he's still being asked...he says he didn't believe what he was doing was wrong in one breath and follows it with his cousin and he couldn't ask anybody, they just couldn't!

Here's the deal. I knew this guy in the navy back in the early 80's. It was around the time that the navy started urinalysis testing. His attitude was, I'll quit when they catch me...or more specifically, they'll never catch me! Well, they did and he spent Christmas and New Years restricted to the ship, working extra hours every night. He lost a stripe and half a months pay for two months. They always find out...

But nothing will happen to A-Roid...except maybe, after his career. There are a lot of people that vote for the Hall that say they won't vote for anyone who got caught or admitted to using performance enhancing drugs.

To bad being young and stupid isn't a valid excuse anymore. I'm not an A-Fraud fan, but how come it's okay to say in car racing, if you ain't cheating you ain't trying, but not in baseball?

When he was asked if he cheated, A-Roid said, "That's not for me to say." Okay Mr. Rodriguez, I'll say it for you. You cheated! Just like you did when you tried to knock the ball out of Arroyo's hand in that game against Boston. If you're not sure Alex, just ask yourself this question. Would the captain of my team have done it?

Just a few thoughts...

Have a nice day.

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Monday, February 16, 2009
  It's been more than a week, so it must be time.
Did you watch the Daytona...380? What a BS way to end a race. I say, give 'em some tread and windshield wipers and let 'em run in the rain!

I hear there's a book coming out on A-Roid...I won't be buying it...or reading it. But you know damned well we'll be hearing about it!

I know, this is probably nitpicking but, would you say our new pres had a good first couple of weeks? I mean, wasn't there a big issue about one of the candidates not properly vetting his VP pick? What would you call nominating three tax cheats to your cabinet? Aren't we supposed to learn from ours and others mistakes?

He did get Nancy's stimulus bill passed though. That San Fransisco mouse is now safe...This is how liberals explain it...from the Huffington Post web, as usual, nobody in DC really knows what the hell is going on!

I actually heard someone on TV try to compare that dumb ass women with 14 kids under six and no husband with Angelina Jolie! You know the woman I'm talking about. The one that's been all over the news because she just had octuplets through invitro fertilization. She has three other sets of twins! And no job! And no future! And quite obviously, no brains either! I think the only thing she may have in common with Angelina is her lips. So, if she has no job and no husband, who's paying for those 14 babies???

Look, I'm not a completely heartless bastard! But stupid people piss me off! What this woman did just proves that all science, even when it's used for good MOST of the time can be used wrong. I wanna know who paid for the eggs to be implanted!

But I guess Obama's gonna save her too!


I'm looking into a home based business. I'm heading to a workshop today. I saw this at the Home and Garden Show over the weekend.

Yeah, I know, what were you doing at the Home and Garden Show Andy?

It was something to do and the tickets were free!

We'll see how it goes. I'll let you know if I start anything. It really caught my eye, though. It probably won't make me a millionaire, but I could make a good living with it I believe. I actually had trouble falling asleep Saturday night, thinking of ways this could work for me. Check this out and let me know what you think...

Anyway, I have things to do...have a nice day.

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Tuesday, February 10, 2009
  I've never been a big fan...
I know I've said it on here before. I've never been a big fan of the NY Yankees 3rd baseman. I give more credit to Giambi than A-Roid. But he's gonna be a Yankee for a long time, so what's a fan supposed to do? Yeah, we were all young and stupid once. It doesn't matter in A-Roid's case anyway. They never helped him play the game in October!

The real problem here is that the results of those tests were never supposed to be released. Kinda funny how of the 105 names, only A-Roid's name gets out. Doesn't seem quite fair, but he did tell the world that he never used performance enhancers on 60 Minutes...

My teams are on a run here! First the Green Run kid, AKA Plaxico, shoots himself in the leg and probably causes the Giants not to be the first team to repeat in awhile. And now A-Roid, A-Fraud, whatever you want to call him, tells us he's been less than truthful, hehehe, to us for the last 5 years.

Let's hope the steroid era is over in sports. I get the impression it's like burning the entire book of matches all at once as compared to lighting them one at a time. You take steroids and you get this bright flame for a little while and then you end up like Lyle Alzaedo and others, dead and gone way to early.

And while I'm on the subject of lies I wanna make an observation. I was watching Morning Joe the other morning and I heard Andrea Mitchell of NBC say that Tom Daschle had to pull out of consideration for the job of Secretary of Health and Human Services because of what Republicans were saying about him. Funny, I thought it was because he took a butt load of money and other goodies, like a car and driver, from the HEALTH industry and conveniently forgot to claim them on his income taxes! How that's not an issue, I don't know.

Now you know why democrats don't worry about raising taxes, they don't pay 'em anyway!!!

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Tuesday, February 03, 2009
  Got this from my Pop in an email. Don't know from where...
To understand the next 4 years you have to understand the world according to Chicago . While it is a city in Illinois it is also a completely different country with a whole different set of morals and language. There are only three rules there which anybody can understand. You don't even need an attorney to understand them and if you need an attorney, well . . . you know too much so look out for Rule #3!

RULE #1 No matter what you see, hear, or do you don't know anybody and you don't know nutin!

RULE #2 If you capture something on tape or camera it doesn't reveal nutin!

RULE #3 If you know what anybody knows in Chicago , well . . . dat's da last ting you'll ever know and you'll wish youse never knew nutin!

Now pay close attention, we don't want to have to say this more than once. It's very simple . . . we'll illustrate. You have to read slow!

These two? They don't know each other!

Remember the first picture? Be sure you only remember that they don't know and you certainly don't either! Da fellas in the background in this picture? Well . . . what fellas? We don't see nutin!

Oops! How did that get in here?
Da guy on the left? For all you know he's Santa Claus. And the guy on the right . . .well, he's Da Easter Bunny! That's all you need to know and you're better off if you don't know that.

Go to your eye doctor, yourse eyes is lieing to yas! Capish?

We don't want to know what they're saying.

Remember Jimmy Hoffa!
He knew too much and now . . .well . . . now no one knows where he is.
Is the big picture clear?

Not these pictures gumwad, cuz youse already forgot dem!

Now, ain't that simple?
They don't know nutin and neither do we!
And don't forget it!

P.S. If you pass this on to your friends, don't forget Rule #1 and, that ways, there's nutin to fear about #3!
  Alright...I understand a honeymoon, but WTF?
I just heard on the news that a 3rd person has resigned from the New Pres's staff before they were even nominated! For what else, not paying taxes!

No wonder democrats love to raise taxes, they don't pay them anyway!

First there was Bill Richardson, the democratic governor of New Mexico. He withdrew from consideration as Commerce Secretary because he's under investigation by the federal govt for taking campaign contributions for govt contracts. he says he didn't do it. We'll see.

Then we have Tom Daschle. I always thought he was sleazy when he was a senator! Apparently, he failed to report income from heath industry officials. And what's he up for nomination of you ask? How 'bout, secretary of health and human services! What can you say about this "change we can believe in" bullshit?

Today it's been reported Nancy Killefer, who was supposed to be the first chief performance officer, withdrew her nomination. I guess this is like some new cabinet position, that probably costs the govt to freaking much anyway! Anyway, she's quitting over tax issues too!

This is supposed to be a new govt. A new beginning. It looks to me like an attempt to bring corrupt Chicago politics to Washington, D.C.
Not sure if I am THE ugly American, but I must be AN ugly American, because some Canadian told me so!!!

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