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Tuesday, January 27, 2009
  It might be fun to watch...
The Superbowl is Sunday.

I know, thanks for telling me Andy!


Last year, I was headed to Kodiak, Alaska about this time. Having conversations with buffalos in the snow. It's a long story. Alaska was awesome, last years Superbowl was awesome. Somehow, I'm figuring that I'm not gonna be as entertained with this one. But it could be a good game.

Warner is a pretty good QB who's been there before, but so is and has Big Ben. Ben is kinda like Brett though, he can take some chances that he probably shouldn't sometimes. If the game comes down to defense, like it should, then it's the Steelers game to lose. Thier problem could be Boldin and Fitzgerald. Two pretty good receivers. If Warner can get the ball out, like he did against the Iggles....

You know what's really hosed up? The Giants beat both these teams this year in the regular season.

You know what's good about this Sunday? I don't have to go to work Monday morning!


Have a nice day!

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Wednesday, January 21, 2009
  Did you watch it?
I watched it yesterday. The whole thing. It was a little entertaining and a little moving too. I guess it says something about where our country has come when a man, who fifty years ago, probably would have had to use a separate toilet has been elected to the highest office in our gov't. But why did it have to end with a supposed reverend spewing the BULLSHIT line "when white will do right"?

Was that really necessary? On that day of all days? When a black man takes the oath of office as president of the United States? I'd say it probably took a few whites to do right for that to happen! Wouldn't you? Up until then, I was pretty proud of my country. Well, that's not fair, I've always been proud of my country, but, up until then, I was proud of the moment, maybe that's a better way to put it.

But really, is Obama a black man as black people are usually referenced or usually reference themselves in this country? Most people that claim to be African/American are descendants of slaves. Obama's not. He's a second generation immigrant to this country. His mother was born here and she's white, but his father, the black part of his roots was born in Africa. So, he's the son of immigrants like most of the rest of us. I wonder how long it will take people to start saying he ain't black enough for them?

And really, shouldn't this be about the once again, smooth transition of power from one president to another? The fact that for 230 years we've been passing the torch of leadership in our country from one person to another without so much as a smack in the back of the head? That even when we disagree in this country, it's still more about the idea of America then anything else?

And tell me why is the biggest news story of the day what Michelle wore to all the balls last night? Who give a rats ass!! All morning long, no matter what news channel I switch to they're talking about Mr.s Pres's dress! I DON'T CARE!

I also heard that my country is so hung up on this dumbass fashion thing that when people heard Obama's kids were wearing J. Cruz, whoever the hell that is, people surfing the web crashed the designers web site! How materialistic can we get here people? Holy Mackeral!

Here's another one I heard this morning that really gives me a warm and fuzzy feeling. Apparently, Hollywood loves this president, so that means there are gonna be a lof of, what this little bimbo on MSNBC called, A-listers, hanging around the whitehouse for the next four years. Let's hope not! Some of the dumbest people on the planet come out of Hollywood and the list toppers for most ridiculous are usually those they call A-listers!

Like I said before, I'm willing to give the guy a chance. I think he loves our country and I think he'll try to do the right's just that nobody seems to know what that is right now...

Anyway, have a nice day!
Monday, January 19, 2009
  Told ya!
I said last week that the closest the Iggles would get to the Superbowl was to play their last game of the season on the field where the Giants won the Superbowl last season. I was dead on!

Yeah, the score made it look close and maybe, just maybe, if the Iggles could have stayed in the game in the first two quarters it might have actually been a decent football game, but they didn't and it really wasn't that close a football game. Of course, I'm sure there are a few Cardinal fans that might disagree with my sentiments.

Man there were some really big hits in that game yesterday!

I think I'll really enjoy this Superbowl...not as much as I enjoyed last years, but it should still be fun. I like both teams. The Cardinals have been nothing but a joke in the NFL for a very long time. I was pretty upset back in the day when they took them out of the NFC East because it was pretty much two sure wins every season for MY Giants.

These are actually two of the oldest teams in the NFL. The Cardinals website says they've been in existence since 1898! And the Steelers site says they've been around a little less time, starting in 1933. These two teams are part of the original history of the NFL. According to the Cards site, they claim to be the oldest pro football team in the country and the Steelers claim fifth oldest. My Giants fall somewhere in the middle of that mess along with the Bears and Packers.

I think the Steelers need to slow down a bit though. This will be their 7th appearance in the Superbowl! So far they're 5-1 in Superbowls, losing only to the Cowgirls in Superbowl XXX. By contrast, the Cardinals have never even been to the Superbowl! They won a championship way back in 1947 or something like that, but they've rarely even made the playoffs in the modern football era. It's amazing what a new stadium can do for you!

I think that Fitzgerald guy would look pretty damned good in Giants blue!!! My team needs another tall receiver to take the place of the bonehead that needs weapons handling training. A lot of underclassmen receivers coming out in this draft...maybe they should look there...

Anyway, have a nice day!


Friday, January 16, 2009
  Maybe I was a little bitter the other day...
You know, I look back and MY football team had a pretty good run. The Giants won the Superbowl last year when they weren't even supposed to make the playoffs. So, all in all, it's been a good run. Considering all the crap the team went through with injuries and idiots, I think they still had a good year.

And how about that landing yesterday!?!??! You don't know how many USAir A320's I've been on! I almost always sat in the exit row or one row behind it. Those are prime seats on an Airbus!

I wonder how many women and children I would have stepped on trying to get out of there yesterday! I've always wondered how I'd act in a situation like that...I hope I never have to find out! I also hope that if I do, I'm not the news story about the idiot that knocked everyone over trying to get out. Did those seat cushions work yesterday?

Have a nice day!
Monday, January 12, 2009
  That was kinda ugly!
It started out pretty good. Looked like it was gonna be a football game and then MY Giants seemed to just kinda give up!

Yeah, I really hate the Iggles too! They're gonna end up letting the Arizona Cardinals go to the Superbowl! Next Sunday is the closest the Iggles should get to the Superbowl...playing on the field where the Giants won it last year! That's it!

And the Cardinals never would have got as close as they're gonna get if they had stayed in the NFC East. The only reason they had as many wins as they did was because they get to play NFC Worst teams six times! You're damned right I'm bitter! Dumbass shooting himself in the leg!


I don't wanna talk about it!

Football is now over...let's talk about the Yankees!

Have a nice day!
Friday, January 09, 2009
  It's starting again!
Last year, every time I turned on a sports channel like ESPN all I ever heard was how the Giants didn't belong in the playoffs. They were the worst team in the playoffs....blah, blah, blah...

It's not quite as bad this year, but their are still a couple of talking heads that say that team from Philly is gonna win on Sunday. These talking heads seem to base this partly on their performance in the last game of the season. Weren't these idiots watching the same game I was? Didn't they see that there wasn't one starter left in the game for the G-men by the fourth quarter? Didn't they see that Eli didn't even play in the second the half?

If the Eagles did make it to the Superbowl we already know how it ends. The same way that movie Invincible ended. The Eagles don't win the Superbowl!

The talking head I've seen lately, talking trash about MY Giants, is Tim Hasselbeck, who in his 6 year career in the NFL threw a total of 177 passes. He was actually on the Giants roster for two years! Never through a pass, but apparently he was there!

Last weekend, on Saturday to be a little more precise, I was watching football and I saw that NBC had a new football analyst. Matt Millen! For those of you that don't know who Matt Millen is, I'll tell you. He was president and CEO of the ONLY team in NFL history to lose all 16 regular season games. The football team that he put together managed to lose EVERY game they played in 2008! And somehow this qualifies him to analyse other teams? I guess it's one of those things your parents told you when you were remember, do as I say, not as I do...

I guess I shouldn't bitch to much, at least if Millen is talking I don't have to listen to Olbermann!

I'm sitting at home looking for a job and boneheads like this get hired to analyse someone elses effort after they proved to be the most monumental failure in the history of their profession. What's fair about that? It's like the people at goldman sachs or lehman brothers getting bonuses! I guess it's "those who can, do, those who can't, talk about it!"

So, come Monday, I might be back to twist the knife. I will say that I'd rather have seen the Vikings again or better yet, the Cardinals. But, MY Giants will do what needs to be done to make sure they're still playing next weekend.

That's my prognostication! Big word huh? Didn't even have to look it up!

Have a nice day!

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