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The Ugly American
Friday, October 10, 2008
  It's getting bad out there!!!
So, the stock market is tanking, the country looks like it's going to turn liberal...I'm unemployed...but life is still pretty good!

I've got some plans in the works to deal with this unemployment thing...gonna start making money for Andy. All I've been doing since I retired from the USN is making money for other people! I mean, come on, these bankers and mortgage people don't even have to make a profit and they make money! The president of one investment company that went bankrupt left with hundreds of millions of dollars for about five years work, if you can call it that, left his company dead and walked away a wealthy man. What a crock!

My money advisor told me yesterday that we, that's the govt and we the people, I guess, should eminent domain his five mansions and his bank accounts. He said, we won't take it all. We'll leave him a couple of mil to live on...taking it all, my financial guy suggests would be too cruel...poor baby! But I could live with that...I know there are a few Supreme Court Justices that just love that eminent domain law. They've allowed cities to snatch up homes just because a city said they could make the area more prosperous! Why not snatch up a few mansions for the common good?

If we're gonna make the govt buy up bad mortgages, she ought to get a few good ones too!

My friend explained how a lot of this housing thing was working...he said out there where he lives, they'd fly private jets to meet up with clients on the west them east, drive them through some new housing developments and they'd pick out a few...then, they'd fly them back to the coast, pick out a few more suckers and sell them the same houses with about a $50k mark big circle jerk...eventually, some more bastard buys the house to live in and the price is already overinflated, then the housing market corrects itself and now they're stuck in a mortgage that's higher than the value of their home!

I say they ought to leave them all to wallow in their own stupidity! Why should my tax dollars pay to bail these arrogant SOB's out? Look at AIG! They take billions from the govt then send the execs on a lavish vacation to an exclusive spa in southern Cal, all on the taxpayers backs. Now they need more money! And they actually had to be forced to stop another boondoggle to a high dollar resort in CA. Who do these people think they are?

You know what else I heard on TV yesterday? See, I have time to sit and watch TV..I'm unemployed, remember? I was watching Lou Dobbs on CNN yesterday and I heard Roger Hedgecock of San Diego, he used to be mayor of San Diego, say that there were over $5 million worth of foreclosures in California that belonged to illegal aliens! How the hell does someone who's in this country illegally get the right to buy a house? Roger said that there were over 10,000 foreclosures in one district in SD county that were ALL illegal aliens!!!

Whose fault is that? Who decided that people that sneak across the border are good credit risks? You know, when I was a third class PO in the navy I couldn't get Navy Federal Credit Union to loan me $300 because I didn't have any credit. Someone please tell me how an illegal alien can get a credit rating high enough to qualify for any kind of home loan!

The country's going socialist on me man! I can't believe it really looks like my fellow citizens are gonna put the most liberal guy in the senate in the white house...that's just wrong...wrong I tell ya!

That's it for the rant...for today anyway!


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