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The Ugly American
Thursday, April 17, 2008
  I guess it's time to start spewing...
I didn’t want to…okay, I did, but I wanted to wait a little while longer. I’m tired of hearing that what these guys say or do isn’t relevant to their campaigns!

Listening to someone running for president lie about being under sniper fire or saying people cling to religion and guns as a way of coping with life because they’re bitter IS important. It tells you a lot about a person I think.

Let’s look at some of these…

We’ll start with Obama, just because his list is the longest. The first thing I heard was when his wife said, that this was the first time in her adult life that she was proud to be an American…Oh goody! I feel so much better knowing that people are helping her feel proud of the place that gives her the right to say she’s never felt proud to be from! Then I heard from her pastor and realized why she felt the way she did. Her pastor has been filling her and her family’s head with racist crap for the last twenty years!

Of course, Obama never heard any of this…only the good stuff the guy said over twenty years. My mother always called that selective hearing. I can remember her yelling at me when I was a kid…”you can hear those damned ice cream bells, but you can’t hear me calling you for dinner.” Years later, when the navy taught me about the physics of sound I understood that it was the tone of her voice that I was deaf too, I mean come on, mom’s a great cook!

The latest thing I heard from Obama is how middle America “clings” to guns or religion as a way of coping with the stresses of life because they’re bitter. I just love it when someone who makes $4 million a year tells the other folks who probably make more than that what makes middle America bitter. It’s like a plumber diagnosing you with a heart problem.

Maybe, just maybe, what makes middle America bitter are elitist assholes like Obama or Kerry or Romney or Gore or Clinton who just don’t get us, who can’t possibly understand what makes middle America tick because they’ve never been a part of it and have no desire to understand it either. I could add a bunch more names to that list…but what’s funny about it is that most of them are democrats and they’re the people who claim to stand up for the little guy.

Then we have Hillary and her misstatement. How do you misremember sniper fire? Let’s be real here folks! I had a gun pulled on me once and trust me when I tell you, it’s something you won’t ever misremember! I tend to believe that bullets flying over your head are pretty memorable too! But should we be surprised? Her husband looked all of straight in the eye…wagged his finger at all of us on national TV and said…”I did not have sexual relations with that woman…Monica Lewinsky!” It seemed to work for him, so why not for her?

I’m tired of it I tell ya. I just finished watching the first six episodes of the John Adams mini-series on HBO. All I can think is that if Adams and Jefferson and Washington saw today what they had created 200 years ago, they’d probably want to raze the whole thing!!!

Someone explain to me why I don't see that same elitist attitude from the son of a navy Admiral!

I never would have typed this today if I hadn't been flipping channels in between innings last night. Maybe I outta just stick to watching sports.

Have a nice day!
If Obama's an "elitist" what does that make Bush??
A bonehead?
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