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The Ugly American
Monday, May 28, 2007
  or how about this one...

Just wasting a little time here...
  Another reason I like the digitial...

Check these two pictures out...which one is better?

That's what you can do with digital...make a crumby day look beautiful!
  Here they are...

A couple more...just playing around and I thought they looked pretty cool.
  Altered states...

I'm playing around with this photo editor program that came with my camera...

I gotta shrink the other ones down first..they're just a bit too big for this site...I'll be back!
Sunday, May 20, 2007
  I'm tired...but I got some pics here...
There's this monster fallen tree up in the redwood forest north of here...

...the pictures don't really do it justice. When I stand next to this stump, it's at least 10 feet taller than I am...and it's at least 20 feet across. I can stand up inside the tree about 25 feet further up from where it's fallen. It must have fallen a very long time ago...

I also went to a baseball game today. I was sitting way out in the outfield bleachers...but I still got some pretty cool shots!

that one shot...with the ball up in the right hand corner...that was a home run shot...pretty cool! I love this camera!
Tuesday, May 15, 2007
  The subject is road rage...
I'm sitting in my hotel room watching CNN Headline News...well, not really's kinda on for the background noise. But anyway...

They keep talking about this survey done by some company, I think they said it was autovantage or some such thing. But they keep talking about the worst cities for road rage and Miami is at the top of the list.

Have you ever driven behind a car with the big orange on the license plate? Then, like me, you know why Miami is at the top of the list for road rage. It's because Florida drivers suck ass! Yeah, I know, that's just stereotyping Andy. Answer me do stereotypes become stereotypes? Uh huh!

How come no one ever does a survey for the dumbest drivers? I'd almost be willing to bet a paycheck that there's a correlation between the highest levels of road rage and the worst drivers. How come they never ask, what caused the road rage?

I'll give you some examples of things that can bring on road rage...

You're driving down the're in the left're doing are a cause of road rage. When you look in the rear view mirror and see a mile long line of cars behind you and none in front of you...pretty good chance that you're the cause of the road rage.

Or how about this goes along with the first're driving down the highway and there's a really long line of people in the left lane trying to get around the idiot I described drive up the right lane and cut in and cause every one behind you to slam on their are a cause of road rage.

Okay, one more...'cause I like're driving down the highway and you see that the lane you're in is going to end, do you merge over? Oh, hell no! You can get in front of two more cars if you sneak up there and squeeze the nose of your car are a cause of road rage.

My point is...road rage doesn't just happen...I mean, it's not like post partum depression or something...well most of the time it's not...I'm sure that's been a cause of road rage too...but it doesn't just happen...somebody did something to piss that person off...something more than likely either extremely stupid or extremely rude...take your pick. So just knock it the hell off...Got it?!?!

Have a very nice day...and stay out of my way on the road!
Sunday, May 13, 2007
  I'm back on the road AGAIN...
...and I decided to head to San Francisco today. Just to see what's going on in the world...

It's a different kind of place...

Wyland's been there...

...and as I remember it...these guys never left!

...but there's plenty to see.

I always wanted to get this view of the Goldent Gate Bridge...

And can click on the pics and they'll open up a lot bigger...
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