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The Ugly American
Wednesday, September 27, 2006
  Lord Byron is gone...
John Byron Nelson, Jr., better known to golfers everywhere as Lord Byron passed away yesterday at the ripe old age of 94.

Byron Nelson is best known for his 11 straight wins on the PGA tour in 1945. A record that Tiger might not even be able to break! He actually held a lot more golf records until Tiger came along...he used to hold the record for most consecutive cuts made...Tiger beat it...

He's also the recipient of the Bob Jones award. An award given to golfers by the USGA for distinguished sportsmanship. Think about that for a minute...does the NFL even give out an award for distinguished sportsmanship?

He has a tournament named in his honor in Texas...that's a pretty neat trick have a tournament named in your honor while you're still alive!

Ken Venturi once said of Byron Nelson, "You can always argue who was the greatest player, but Byron is the finest gentleman the game has ever known." Arnold Palmer, himself one of the greatest golfers to ever live called Nelson one of the greatest players who ever lived.

"Lord" Byron Nelson
Monday, September 18, 2006
  The highs and lows of football season...
Yesterday, I experienced both the highs and the lows of what felt like an entire football season in one game.

I was hanging out down the street watching the Giants/Eagles game. I had every intention of giving my buddy who's an Eagle fan all kinds of grief during the game. It wasn't working out for me. Before I knew what was happening MY Giants were down by 3 scores. It was 24-7 and there was less than a quarter to play.

I'd already left the bar...I was so disgusted with the way MY Giants were playing. On my drive home I was thinking...why do I even wear this crap if they're gonna play like that? I had on one of my 5 Giants jerseys yesterday. I almost took it off and threw it out the truck window I was so pissed.

I got home, changed out of my Burress jersey and the Giants scored...hmmm maybe there's something to this...I went and found a different jersey...number 10...Eli's number....I put that one on...the Giants scored again! Not only were the Giants scoring but the defense was stopping the Eagles. All of a sudden it was a football game again.

With 7 seconds left My Giants tied the score and sent the game into overtime. Then, right as Eli was about to get sacked for the ninth time in the game he sent up a prayer. 25 yards down the field was the 6'5" Plaxico Burress being defended by a guy that's no taller than any of the women in my house...that's not much more than 5' for those of you that don't know...he lept up...caught the pass and rolled into the end zone for the game winning score.

I'm pretty passionate about my football team. I've been a Giants fan for about as long as I can remember and I've seen way to many bad beats by the Eagles over MY Giants way to many times over the years. This one may make up for a lot of those bad losses over the years.

It's amazing how much your emotions can swing when you're watching a football game...or should I say, it's amazing how much MY emotions can swing when I'm watching a football game. I went from almost wanting to quit watching football to almost doing backflips in my living room! All in about a half hour yesterday afternoon. Trust me, backflips at my age wouldn't be pretty, they would be amusing though.

The question I'd like to see answered today is how many Giants fans actually missed the comeback of the Giants yesterday because, like me, they were disgusted with the teams performance in the first three quarters.
Thursday, September 14, 2006
  Check this out...

I've always said my claim to fame is that I make good looking babies. tell I make good looking babies or what?

These are my baby girls...and no...they weren't really posing like youngest, that's the shorter of the two was getting senior pictures done and had invited her big sister...the taller come along. As the story goes, they were just standing around when the photographer saw them standing there with what I describe as the Guinea B!t@# stare and said..."HOLD THAT!"...and snapped this picture.

My oldest is the one that perfected that look. Looking at the picture, I must say, it looks like she taught her little sister well. It's the look she gives me when she wants to beat my ass, but still realizes she can't!

You see...I know I ain't a-scared of ' don' should be a-scared of them! If not because of who they are...then be a-scared of them because of who their father is....
Tuesday, September 12, 2006 last thing for the day...
I've been to a good amount of air shows. They seems to be pretty much the same...either it's the Navy's Blue Angels or the chAir Force's Thunderbirds...but the one thing I've seen at a few different air shows that I always thought was pretty cool was something that never leaves the ground. It's a monster Peterbilt that goes 300 MPH!

It's called Shockwave and it's really pretty awesome!

It really is something to see...and even better at night!
  Now for something completely different...

Yeah, I know, I stole that from Monty Python!

I received an e-mail from the Pearl Harbor Memorial Fund a little while ago and thought I'd share this with you.
They've started a new website called Pearl Harbor Stories. It's a place for survivors of the attack on Pearl Harbor to share their stories and pictures with the rest of us.

You should check it out. Why? Because I said so...and yes...I am the boss of you!

Have a nice day!
  I'm starting to hate yesterdays date...
I woke up yesterday morning knowing exactly what day it was...what day it was the anniversary of...did I really need to be reminded by every radio and TV station on the planet?

It really turns it into an even more depressing day. Even on my commercial free satellite radio they had one channel that was reading a list of the names of those that lost their lives on that day.

I put the display on the top of my blog to remind myself every day of what happened 5 years and a day ago. My calendar on my desk calls yesterday United We Stand Day/Patriot Day. Yet everywhere I turn United We Stand we ain't! Patriot, we ain't. Here in Virginia Beach there are plenty of flags flying every day...I mean, come on, it's a Navy's always supposed to be like this and it usually is, but watch the TV...listen to the talking heads. Are we united?

I'm so tired of hearing and reading...the presidnet lied to get us in a war...yeah did every senator and did almost every other leader in the free world. Do these people honestly believe that the "vast right wing conspiracy" is global?

I'm not a big Bush fan...I can't honestly support a president that took a 5 week vacation in the middle of a war...especially when those in the military only get 30 days a year...and when I was in...if you took leave...which is what they call vacation in the military and it went over a weekend...the weekend counted against your thirty days. In other words....two weeks vacation wasn't 10 days like it is in the civilian cost you at least 12 if not 14 days.

But all that aside...even when people find out that Libby wasn't the leak...or Rove didn't get indicted...they're still convinced of some ridiculous conspiracy that some how resonates through every hallway in D.C.! People need to get a grip!

Enough of this rant...I need more COFFEE!
Wednesday, September 06, 2006
Have you heard of this new movie?

Let me save you some heart ache...I haven't even seen it and I know how it ends...

The Eagles DON'T win the superbowl!
Saturday, September 02, 2006
  Some pics from the ocean...before and after...
I went down to the beach on Thurday and Friday...just to see how angry the ocean might have been...

This first picture is from Thursday...the Atlantic looked pretty angry...

But I think she was more upset after the storm had passed...

The reason for the different shading is the time of day...the pictures I took on Thursday were taken about 7 PM...the ones I took on Friday were taken at around 5 PM...

I think the ones taken later in the evening are a little more menacing looking...but the ocean really was in a worse mood yesterday than the day before.
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