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The Ugly American
Tuesday, April 04, 2006
  I am so tired of PC BS!
I want you to read the whole thing. I'm not picking on fat people here. I'm picking on people that bitch about the picture instead of thanking the hospital for the equipment.

I’ve been reading a lot of stories lately about obesity and how the rest of the world is picking on fat people. Poor babies!

Look, I understand that in some instances obesity can’t be helped. I also don’t believe that the majority of obese people fit into the category of “can’t be helped”. I just don’t get it. I mean, I’m not very active. I eat bullshit snack foods all the time, it’s called the munchies. I don’t exercise very much. Ok, I play golf, so I don’t really exercise at all. I even have an electric bicycle. Even with all these things going against me, I’m still only a few pounds overweight! How the hell do you get to the stage they call obese?

When I looked up obesity on Wikipedia it told me that this "disease" is very rare in wild animals and pretty common in domesticated animals. The reason? Domestic animals tend to be overfed and underexercised. In other words, if obesity is a problem, try eating less and exercising more. Sounds pretty simple to me.

A couple of weeks ago at BC I read an article about fat people having trouble getting hired. The way I read the article, the writer got on his tilt because his mother told him that fat people can’t get hired for good jobs. Of course, the discussion that followed brought up smoking and every other thing that employers should be using as hiring criteria, but really didn’t discuss the problem of hiring the obese and the associated costs.

Today I opened the editorial section of my paper, like I do every day and read a letter from someone whining because their feelings were hurt over a picture in the paper last week showing two therapists sitting in one oversized wheelchair. The person that wrote the article whined because it sent a negative message…what was the message you ask??? According to the letter to the editor, the message is that two normal sized people can fit in the same space as one fat person. Somehow the person that wrote that letter doesn’t realize that I don’t need a picture to figure out that two of me can fit where one of her can fit. I usually get the picture when he/she walks by my table at Quizno’s and blocks out the sun for a minute or two. Yeah, I know that was mean...and probably uncalled for, but I'm not happy about this and you shouldn't be either.

Why is calling attention to the obvious politically incorrect? Why is saying things like, you should have to pay for two seats on the airplane if your ass takes up two seats a bad thing? I’ve noticed those wide-load wheelchairs at the airport too. You know what that means to me? It means that some poor sorry bastard (possibly me) is gonna get cheated out of half his seat on the plane because someone else needs two and a half seats. I’d bet that if they just showed a picture of that wheel chair without anyone in it none of us would have known that the thing was designed for someone with an ass two axe handles wide. Maybe they should have just put a really really big person in it instead. Then all the fat folks wouldn’t be offended by it. I’d think they’d be more offended by the normal sized wheel chair…saying things like…”Why do they make these chairs so small?” “Don’t they know that us “normal” sized people can’t fit in those child seats?”

Maybe it’s not the big seat that’s really offensive. Maybe it’s the little seats that are offensive. Think about it for a minute. If medical supply companies knew the size of Americans they’d naturally make bigger chairs to accommodate all the fat asses in this country.

The person whining in the paper asks, “Would you similarly insult a gay-lesbian group in a photo?” Maybe they were really trying too! Maybe the two therapists shown in the picture were lesbians? But they were skinny lesbians!

I’m here to say that from now on PC is forever BS! No more PC BS. EVER! We’re gonna call fat people fat, lazy people lazy, stupid people stupid. We’re gonna include religious whacko’s and secular shitheads' in this group too. When we do this there will be no return name calling…no playing the race card or the PC card anymore. The PC card has been removed from the deck and has been burned at the stake.

I usually try to be a nice guy. I’ve tried to learn that thing they call tact over the years. I’m getting better at it, but it still really kicks my ass sometimes. I mean, I’ve never made a comment to anyone in front of me at BK that ordered two Whoppers and a diet coke. I’ve never made a comment when I heard one woman ask another…does this make me look fat? I have made a comment if I’ve been asked myself (yes it hurt), but never to anyone I didn’t know. I yell through my car window at idiot drivers. Sometimes I even roll the window down. But, for the most part, I try to behave. It’s just that sometimes I get so tired of listening to anyone other than me whine that it just drives me crazy! I’m here to tell you, I have some comments to make too.
If that McKinnney chick were FAT and black, it would have been a double sin on the part of the guard.
It's hard to sympathize for a morbidly obese person when they eat everyday at the buffet. Or ask you to lift their LEG literally for them onto the bed. Not injured, mind you. JUST WEIGHS MORE THAN MY SON.
Tish - you make me laugh. Here and on your site. People, go visit this lady and read her stuff.
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