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The Ugly American
Friday, October 28, 2005
  The NFL lost a great man this week.
Wellington Mara was 14 years old when his father gave the NY Giants to him and his brother. He was the youngest owner in the NFL at the time. That was in 1927! Wellington Mara was one of the good guys. An owner that stayed in the background. Not an Al Davis or Jerry Jones, but still a very influential man in the NFL.

Wellington Mara passed away on Monday. He was 89 years old. The NFL will miss him, but most of all, Giants fans will miss him. I hope he was able to enjoy last Sunday's game. The Giants had a great come from behind win. I wonder if he felt like I did when he heard people calling the Gianst the highest scoring offense in the NFL?

I thought this was worth sharing, from

An unidentified fan left a bouquet of flowers and a note on the fence outside the Giants Stadium offices. The piece of paper has three photos of Mara on the top, then a message that reads…

Without you Abe can’t get the sneakers

Without you there’s no Tuffy

Without you there’s no echoes from the façade of “Defense”

Without you there’s no mountain named Rosie

Without you George can’t hire Bill to lead Phil

Without you there’s no NFL

Few people have impacted as many people’s lives as you did Duke, and you never once raised your hand to be recognized or craned your neck to find the cameras.

You are our history, our championships, our elegance, but most of all you are our dignity.

The world loses a great man and we have lost the greatest owner in the history of the league.

God Bless Wellington Mara

The sender identified him or herself only has Lot 13D, Section 134.

Very well said, don
t ya think?
Monday, October 17, 2005
  Back in the USA!
I'm finally home again. Man it feels good! Hugging my girls, hanging out with my dogs...sitting in my recliner...watching American TV. It's all good!

I saw on TV Saturday when I got home that they were having what they called an October brewfest down at the beach, so, I decided to check it out. Talk about false advertising!!! They said various regional beers and food fare. Yeah, right! Sorry, it was a joke. One little area of the beach with one food stand that had about a mile long line. I'd say the organizers of this thing need to make a road trip!

I miss Germany and the friends I've made there, but it really is good to be back home!
Tuesday, October 11, 2005
  Almost done!
I figured that since this Germany trip is about to come to a close, I'd share with you one of the things that made it more bareable. The staff at the Intercity Hotel in Ulm has been nothing short of outstanding. I mean, this isn't the greatest hotel in the world. I've stayed at better and I've stayed at worse. I will say that this is easily the best staff I've ever dealt with in ALL my travels and those of you that know me know that I travel quite a bit.

Ok, let's see if I can get this right without having to do it over...

We'll go left to right...bottom to top...

First is Andreas...they call him chef...but I don't think he cooks...I believe that means he's the boss. Next is Barbara, a very nice lady who takes all 7 minutes to pour a pils. In Germany, they say it takes 7 minutes to pour a good pils and Barbara always pours a good pils. Next is Melina, she's younger than my oldest daughter and almost as tall as me, she just started working at the Intercity about a month ago, always pleasant and always with a smile on her face. Then comes Nadia, Nadia showed us where the KFC was, I think I owe her one for that!!! Down at the bottom is Alex. Alex can pour a pils in about 20 seconds, so depending on how much time you had, you'd either order a beer from Barbara or Alex. I'd say that Barbara was the sterotypical german lady that I'd always come to believe Germany was full of! Above Alex is Doreen, a nice enough guy, I never really got to know him, because he seems to work nights more than anyone else! Behind Doreen is Patrick. Patrick and I didn't talk alot, but any time I needed help, he had the answer. Next comes one of my adopted daughters. Sylvia is a doll. When we first got here there was a 4 day stretch when we actually had no place to live and Sylvia made sure that we had a room and had the right rate. I had asked her when we first got here to see what she could do and a couple of weeks later when I came home from class, Sylvia informed me that I would not be homeless, living out of the rental car for those 4 days. She has always looked out for me and for that I am very greatful! Behind Sylvia is Anita. She's like this tiny little doll that almost seems out of place at this hotel. One of the sweetest voices in a wake up call in the morning! She would say, good morning Andy, it's 7 o'clock, your wake up call! A voice that you couldn't possibly get mad at for waking you in the morning! Behind Anita is Stephanie, my first adopted daughter. Stephanie is very special to me. She called me daddy one of the first nights I was in the hotel...of course...that was after she saw my passport and saw how freaking old I really am! It stuck and now, she is my daughter and I'll always think of her that way. Like I ain't got enough freaking daughters as it is???

Lastly, on the far right of the picture is my most favorite german friend. This is Klaus. Klaus is just a super nice guy. I've never really ever made friends with hotel staff before, but Klaus and I hit it off from the first day. The day we checked into the hotel, I asked Klaus, how do you get to the garage? His answer....with a car! I said...ok...we're gonna play that way huh??? We've been friends ever since. Klaus has introduced me to his family. I've met hsi wife and daughter. His daughter is a tiny little 4 month old with a head of red hair like you wouldn't believe! I think I may miss Klaus most of all. He always had good ideas where to go or what to do.

I will miss these folks, very much, but I really am so ready to be home with my girls!

So, if you ever make it to Ulm, Germany and need a place to stay. Try the Intercity and tell them Andy sent you.

And to my new german friends, if you make it to the states, you better come to the beach and you better knock on my door!
Sunday, October 02, 2005
  The second biggest beer bash in Germany!
On Friday, we went to Stutgart for a party called Cannstatter Wasen! I'm not exactly sure what makes it any smaller than the beer bash in Munich. There was just as much beer, maybe more. It was just as good, there were just less silly hats and less of those drndl dresses! Damn!
If you look down a couple of entries you'll see a comment written in German. That came from our host for these great parties. He asked where the pictures were from the second biggest beer party in Germany.

So, for Wolfgang, I post the following pictures. All I have to say about these beer bashes is, thank goodness for a digital camera! Wolfgang is the guy in the silly hat on the right. You know, the one that looks like a jolly old German guy!!! Thanks again Wolfgang. If not for him, I probably would not have had a table at Oktoberfest or Cannstatter Wassen!

After looking at the pictures I posted, I might have been mistaken about the silly hat thing!

Still a good time though! I actually may miss this place, but I'm still way ready to be home!
  Yankee's Win!!!!!
Yankees won the AL East yesterday and I didn't get to see it! I read about it though...and that's good enough for right now. I will be home for half of the AL and NL Chamionships and all of the World Bill murray once said..."I got that goin' for me"

Anyway! Yankees won...and I believe if they win again today...they won't even have to worry about that Boston team...who are they again???
Not sure if I am THE ugly American, but I must be AN ugly American, because some Canadian told me so!!!

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