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The Ugly American
Friday, May 13, 2005
  Killing dogs in HS!??!
I just read that they're killing dogs in high school classrooms in Utah!

I was reading the Drudge Report, looking for the new BRAC list when I came across this story.

At first, I was really kinda pissed off! How could they do this to a dog and how could they do this to a bunch of HS students?

Then, as I read a little farther I saw that the students wer ewarned ahead of time as well as parents. The school had sent home notices that this was going to happen. This helped me get over the fact that it was HS students, but what about the dog?

I read a little further and found out that the dog was scheduled to be euthanized anyway! The article said that the dog would be sedated, I assume with whatever he/she would have been sedated with to be euthanized and that's when the procedure took place.

One brilliant HS student, Sierra Sears had this to say, "It just makes me sick and I don't think this should go on anywhere and nobody's learning from it." I have this picture in my mind of this wannabe little valley girl, flipping her peroxide laden blonde curls around as one of her little girlfriends standing next to her says "Totally!" or "Fer sure!"

I would have loved this in HS! All I ever got to dissect was a dead freaking frog!

I feel for the dog. I love dogs. I own two, a big one and a little one. I wouldn't wish this on my buddies, but hey, if they were gonna die anyway...for the good of science!
Hello everybody,
I am a local of the area concerning the dog controversy. Whether people agree with it or not, I don’t care. But this has sparked some heat because things are not reported correctly and I would appreciate it if you all could please help pass the truth along because PETA and other animal rights activists don’t have the full story. I’m a former student of this teacher. I love him and he has taught me a lot whenever he’s taught me and my class. He’s a very hands on teacher (don’t worry, not with the dog because that was done in a clinic by a licensed veterinarian), who has always been known for taking his students out to measure moss on trees and ecology of streams, etc. This man has provided a hands on education for many of his students whom went on to be doctors, veterinarians, and other jobs relating to the medical field. Well, I’d like to give you the official statement of the Human biology class that went to vivisection of the dog, my cousin being one of the students of this class. As you read their statement, as given in the Sanpete Messenger of May 18,2005, please keep in mind that 6/10 of these students are CNAs and the others are going into the medical field, except one I believe. They write:

We write this letter in defense of the teacher, the veterinarian, the administration, and the students that were involved in Gunnison Valley High School’s dog controversy. We, who wrote this letter, are the majority of the students in the human biology class that went and witnessed an exploratory abdominal surgery on a dog.
The rumor mill has thrown out a lot of misinterpreted, totally crazy, and completely wrong rumors about what really occurred.
The first accusation was that the parents were unaware of what was going on. That is not true. All of us who attended wee in the office when the secretaries called our parents to ask for permission, and our parents had to personally talk to the administration to say that we were allowed to go.
The rumors about what type of dog it was has changed from a rottweiler, to a bassett hound and then changed again to a terrier.
The truth is that the dog was not any distinct breed, and must have been a cross between a few different breeds. Another rumor is that our class dissected a live dog. The dog was under anesthesia and was prepped for a sterile surgery. The students were simply observers of an exploratory abdominal surgery on a dog that was to be euthanized because it was violent and unadoptable.
In our human biology class we have been learning about the digestive system. Using a plastic mannequin we had learned all of the parts of the digestive system, but it was not the same as a real life experience seeing the parts functioning and as they really are. We feel that this out-of-classroom lesson was very educational and we learned much because of it.
Several of the kids in our human biology class are CNAs, or going into the medical field. Learning from textbooks gives us information, and videos allow us to see the information working, but neither of those tools allows us to ask questions from someone who had everyday experience.
Yes, we love animals. We know that without animals, the ecosystem would not be able to function properly, but we also understand that they make so many things possible. The first prosthetic heart was tested in a cow; lab rats have been used to test all sorts of medicine.
Without scientist’s poking and prodding, America could still be a third world country. Without scientists, the greatest cause of death would still be communicable and preventable diseases.
We are ashamed of how this has been blown out of proportion. News reports stated that several parents and students called and complained, but it was only two students from the class who complained. The rest of the students, along with our parents, full-heartedly support the veterinarian, our principal, and our teacher.
We are saddened that this incident could scar the reputation of all three men and our high school. We write this hoping that people will get the right facts before they attempt to make a judgment that will permanently damage people lives. The GVHS human biology class.”

So that’s it. The internet has an important role in today’s information for the world. Unfortunately, anybody and their dog can get on “report” and distort truth. I’m just going to different chat boards to put everybody’s mind at ease so they’re not steamed up over nothing and giving the teacher, veterinarian, and administration, the unneeded frustration and threats that they receive daily from animal rights activists. Thank you and please feel free to copy and paste and pass along this letter to protect these educators of integrity. Thank you. A. P.
I am able to work with a veterinarian on a daily basis saving the lives of countless animals. I got my start from seeing an operation on a live animal. It intrigued me and got me into the profession that I am now in. This biology lesson intended to teach students about the internal digestive system, the same procedure is done in exploratory surgeries daily. Who knows how many animals or peoples lives will be saved because of the students intrigue that was sparked that day. Because of one attention starved student, who has missed more days of school than she has been went to the media instead of the doctor or the principle has possibly ruined the life of a well loved veterinarian and teacher. I know both the teacher and the veterinarian and hold them in very high respect, when I was younger I helped the veterinarian stay countless hours trying to save a dog with Parvo, or helping a local farmer deliver a new born calf and the doctor would then stay ensure the safety and health of the animal. These two men are some of the most caring and loving people I know. I hope the people that have such hateful words for such admirable people look more at the whole picture of the students getting a love for science and a ending up saving thousands of lives of animals and people because of this.
I have a reservoir dog site. It pretty much covers reservoir dog related stuff. Check it out if you get time :-)
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