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The Ugly American
Friday, April 01, 2005
  Who burned the Berger?
Sandy Berger, President Bill Clintons’ National Security Advisor is expected to plead guilty in U.S. District Court in Washington, D.C. today to charges of removing classified material from a National Archives.

According to the NY Times Mr. Berger will pay a $10,000 fine as part of the agreement. He will also relinquish his security clearance for 3 years. Of course the negotiations for this extremely lenient sentence have been going on for months behind closed doors, in "secret" so to speak. says that old Sandy said it was “an honest mistake”, that he insisted he had removed the classified material inadvertently. Drinking to much tequila and pissing on your buddy’s stereo is an honest mistake, stuffing classified material in your jockey shorts is not! Not returning all the documents you stole in the first place is not an “honest mistake” either. Changing the channel when Oprah is on is inadvertent, stuffing your socks full of classified material is not.

I personally hold a security clearance. I have for well over 20 years. I’d bet the farm that if I tried something like this I’d get locked up for the rest of my freaking life and I wouldn't lose my security clearance for a measly 3 years, I'd lose it for the rest of my natural life or longer! I’d also bet that if I failed to return all the stuff I stole, the government would ransack my house, rip apart my car and strip search me and every person I ever met to find what I stole.

According to the Clintons’, this is all part of the vast right wing conspiracy. They must have hypnotized Mr. Berger and put that evil thought in his mind to go the National Archives and remove documents specific to the Clinton administrations handling of anti-terror efforts which were virtually non-existent before 9/11.

Why do high ranking government officials get special treatment? This is not a republican or democrat issue, this is a national security issue. I could show you plenty of examples where “regular” people got royally screwed by the government for doing less than Samuel Berger did, but for some reason this guy gets away with it!
Key word there, "according to the Clintons" just another smoke screen to throw us off target. I wouldn't be a bit suprised if they made the statement about the right before they actually knew what he was being secretly tried for......

On a completely different note.
In The twin cities in Minnesota a few years ago, a police officer was walking his beat in a downtown area. He was walking by a building with a big front glass window. (Unknown to the police officer a costume party was taking place) One of the guests was a black man and was wearing a robber costume, complete with a rubber gun. This "robber" pulled out his rubber gun and was showing it off to his friends. While he was showing it off he inadvertently pointed it at the cop through the window. The police officer believing himself in danger drew his side arm and fired, killing the party goer.
When the media got a hold of this over the police band, they immediatly held the front page of the paper for an artical, then over TV and radio went into a big deal about how this was a hate crime against blacks, and how white cops are always profiling blacks...bla bla bla. I just think that stuff like this is sick. The liberal media always puting their own twist on things to sell more papers. Why post the truth, when lies sell so much better. Unfortunately that's our biggest source of information these days.
On a closing note, after the media had published all this about a hate crime/racism murder had happened, they found out through a call that the "white" officer was black!!! They already had their decision made up in their minds and on paper. They were in such a hurry to sell their paper that they didn't even take time to find out simple basic facts. The OFFICER WAS BLACK!!! LMAO!!!
Well, if Berger was a classified document custodian and had destroyed the documents with witnesses, when they were due for destruction and had logged the destruction of those documents, it would have been ok. Otherwise, I've seen people lose their jobs for just not handling them properly.

Guess it's who you know.
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