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The Ugly American
Sunday, April 03, 2005
I was supposed to play golf this morning. My friends and I had a 7:30AM tee time. I woke up early like I usually do, 20 years in the military has a tendency to ingrain that morning clock into your soul. Looked at my watch, it was 6:30, good deal I thought, plenty of time.

I jumped in the shower. After I finished up in the bathroom I started to get dressed. I was filling my pockets with the assortment of BS I carry around with me when I grabbed my cell phone. This little miracle of modern science showed me the truth this morning. I looked at it, just to make sure there were none of those phantom voice mails that show up, you know the ones, your phone never rings and somebody ends up getting sent right to voice mail and the next time you talk to them they ask, "why didn't you answer your phone?" Anyway, when I looked at the phone, it said it was ALREADY 7:30! That's when DST smacked me in the head with the board!

This is just one more reason that I liked living in AZ. No Daylight Saving Time! Who thought up this stupid shit anyway? Where is my saved daylight? The day doesn't get any longer, it's still only 24 hours and no matter what the powers that be try to do, the earth will not revolve around the sun any faster than it did before we changed the clocks. It should be called LST for Lose Sleep TIme! I just wonder if normal people ever thought this was a good idea. Let's think about this, wouldn't it be easier to just set your alarm an hour earlier instead of inconviencing an entire continent or the world for that matter? Isn't this a good place to use that old saying "rob Peter to pay Paul"? That's all we're doing, robbing an hour from one part of the day to move it to another part of the day. One of the Dumbest freaking ideas ever thought up.

Yeah that's right, I missed my tee time and boy am I pissed! Shut up and make me some coffee!
Man I want to go golfing now. I've only been out at it once and I loved it. Out with the guys on a warm day drinking beer and having fun. What a blast.

DST sucks ass. It was invented originally by a stupid british ass hole (no offense brits, if he was american he would be a stupid american ass hole) who was walking along early one morning and thought it was a waste for people to be inside asleep when it was such a beautifull morning.
Unfortunatly this dude was in parlament and suggested it. It was shot down.
Then, years later during WWII Americans decided to use this idea one year to get more time for parts production for the war effort. DOH!!!
There could be a couple different reasons too, but my research has led me down this path. It doesn't really matter where it came from anymore, just how the hell do we get rid of it!

Have a great day.
PS. Finally, I'll ask someone at risk of being called stupid. How do you get your picture in your profile? I know you have to have a url to your do you get the picture to that url so you can put in the url!!!!??????
Zeke - I use my ISP for posting my pics. My ISP offers some space for a web page. I save my pics there. I know there are some other sites. I'm even pretty sure that there's a link from blogspot for a place to store pics for free.
DST-I heard some hilarious stories about that Monday-people forgetting about it over the weekend.

Personally, I'm excited because I'm purposely waiting three more weeks till my birthday to start my golf lessons-(my present to myself). I've had plenty of offers but I'm going with the "whole nine yards" from the clubhouse. I'll finally get to understand what those birdies and whiffles and pars and handicaps and doodahs are!
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