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The Ugly American
Monday, March 21, 2005
  My take on Terri
I guess it’s time for me to way in on this issue.

I really tried to avoid it as I can’t seem to pick a side. It seems that the more information I get the more difficult this situation gets for me.

On one hand, I see a husband that on the surface, appears to care for his wife and her quality of life. On the other side, you have a family that seems genuinely concerned for the life of their daughter. I also have to question the motivations of a husband who’s been living with another woman and fathered 2 children with that other woman. Does he really have his estranged wife’s best interests at heart?

I hear doctors say that she’s beyond help and I hear others say that she can be rehabilitated. I read that Terri is in fact brain dead and I read other opinions that say that she could eat without the tubes. How can viewpoints or opinions from learned doctors be so opposite?

I look at it is like this: If it were me and I was laid up in a hospital bed for 11 fucking years without the ability to hold my own head still or communicate some kind of reasonable thought to those around me I would rather be gone from this planet! I wouldn’t want people fighting to keep me alive in the state that Terri is in right now! I wouldn’t want my family to go through any of the stuff that either side is going through right now. I feel confident that my family knows that I wouldn’t want to live like this and they wouldn’t fight to keep me alive.

I’ve heard or read the arguments on both sides and I don’t have an answer to this problem. There are a few things I know about this issue. The first thing I know for sure is that if it were me, I’d want to die and the second thing I know is, if it were me, I wouldn’t want the federal government involved! I think most importantly I know that I wouldn’t want anyone but my family making this decision for me.

I’ve seen pictures of Terri Schiavo taken before this all started. She looked like a beautiful, lively woman and something tells me that she’s screaming from behind those blank almost lifeless eyes, “LET ME GO!”
I think way too. This is a very cruel way to live...

She will never get better...small improvements but not the stuff the family wants to happen. Please, let her go!
Having some medical backgroud, if what they say is correct, all that is active in her brain is really her brainstem. She is alive, yes, but not in the sense that we understand it. What I fail to really grasp is if the parents want to take care of her, why does the husband not just let that happen and walk away. She is NOT in pain, so for all practical purposes she is simply organically alive and as long as she can be maintained what is the harm in keeping the organism functional? If the cerebral cortex has indeed liquified, the body is just that now at this stage, a body. It is operating exclusivly by autonomic neurological impulses. She would need to grow back a brain to be cognizant... scientifically impossible with present technology.

This has become a POLITICAL issue and that is the sadest part of all...

Good to see your blog again...

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Because a loving husband would reportedly ask her nurses, "When is that bitch gonna die." Then he'd go kill his wife's cats and shack up with some woman.
First, when asking if he has his wifes best interests in mind, you must ask if they are "her" best interests, or his. I can understand wanting to get on with your life, but if the parents are willing to take care of her..............I don't know. I'd have to say, I wouldn't want to still be there after 11 years.
However, as far as the husband and that face he puts on........he wouldn't want to have her go because he just so happens to have a 2 million dollar life policy on her now would he!? he he I see some motive other than being nice.
The Terri Schiavo issue is so political-yet she's a very real person. My question is: why is she on morphine for pain if she's not suppose to be feeling anything?
I have a hard time knowing which side is right with the media playing both ends against the middle--something I learned firsthand while my son was in Iraq.
Hi Blogger, I've been searching around for ugly related blogs to get some ideas and possibly trade links with. I found this entry (My take on Terri) in my search so I thought I'd post a quick note to let you know. Anyway I have a new blog called Ugly Blog, so feel free to check it out but don't feel obligated. Take care - Eric
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