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The Ugly American
Wednesday, February 23, 2005
  What am I?
I was under the impression that I was a libertarian that leaned a little to the right. Now I’m reading things that make me believe I’m not what I thought I was in the beginning.

Ok, let’s take ten issues that I think should help me define what the hell I am and maybe you can help me out.

Can you help me?

1. Abortion – This seems to be one of the defining issues of our time. My stand here is that I’m anti-abortion, but pro-choice. Make any sense? It’s like this, I believe in the right of an unborn child, but I also believe I have no business telling anyone else what to do with their own body.
2. Same sex marriage – Another one of those issues that weighed in heavily during the last election. I’m against same sex marriage, but I’m for civil unions. I just have a problem with the use of the word marriage meaning anything other than the union between one man and one woman.
3. The Drug War – I think this is one of the biggest wastes of money I’ve ever seen! This country tried something similar back in the early 1900’s, it was called prohibition. It didn’t work then and it’s not working now. Now go roll me a joint!
4. Welfare – How about I steal a line from a famous liberal on this one. “Workfare not welfare” as the Rev. Jesse would say. I can understand the need for a hand up now and then, but damn! If I give you a boost, at least reach for the next rung of the ladder! I have a bad back and your weight is KILLING ME!
5. Taxes – I keep trying to understand the liberal philosophy that because a person makes more it’s fair to take a bigger percentage of what they make. I’m seriously against any kind of redistribution of wealth.
6. Vouchers – I have a real problem understanding why it’s bad for me to have the opportunity to take the tax dollars that are given to a school to educate my child and using that same money to put my kid in a school where I know they’ll get a quality education. This is a bad thing, how?
7. Social Security – I think privatization of SS might not be a bad thing. The problem I have with this whole plan is how taking money out of SS is going to help its solvency in the long run. My big problem with SS is that too many people think that SS is supposed to be their soul means of support after they retire. That was never the plan from the beginning. It was meant as a supplement.
8. Affirmative Action – This was probably a good thing when it started, but I’ve seen to many people, myself included, discriminated against because of it. AA has turned into reverse discrimination. How about, equal pay for equal work, or just giving contracts and college admissions based on capabilities not color. I know, I know, I can’t understand it, because I’m a white guy. Poor me? HA!
9. Presidential veto power - I believe the president should have line item veto power. Think how much pork he could shave off of a budget with this power!
10. Lastly, PC BS. This is the one thing that bothers me more than any other issue. Politically Correct Bull Shit! Why does everyone have to be a hyphenated American? Why can’t we all just be American? Why are Christians being nailed to the cross all the time in this country? Why AREN’T Muslims being nailed to a cross? Who attacked this country on September 11, 2001? I went to catholic school for 11 years. Kindergarten through 10th grade. I learned Darwin’s’ Theory and I learned Creationism. My mind is so fucked up now because or it! The part I don’t understand is that if a private Christian school wasn’t afraid to throw out multiple theories, one of which flew right in the face of their own beliefs, it hurts your child to learn more than one THEORY. Let’s remember, they’re all theories. Until someone actually builds Jules Verne’s’ time machine and actually goes back in time to prove or disprove anything, they’re all just theories.

SO, WTF am I? Come on, lemme have it!
Blogger, I've been looking around for ugliest related blogs, and I came across this entry (What am I?) during my search so I thought I'd write a quick note to let you know! I recently started a new blog called Ugly Blog, so 'd be happy to trade links if you're interested. Anyway take care and have a nice day! Eric
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