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The Ugly American
Monday, January 10, 2005
  Is Saudi Arabia with us or against us?
This is a question that I’ve heard asked many times, but I don’t remember any of the taking heads ever answering it. The U.S government says that the Saudis are our friends, but their actions speak louder than our governments’ words.

The official state newspaper of Saudi Arabia says that our soldiers are scrounging body parts off of dead and injured Iraqi’s for sale on the black market. It even lists prices for different organs. The paper says that this happened in Abu Ghraib and “other” prisons also. The paper sights secret European reports for this information. If this is in fact a state run newspaper, why don’t our “friends” stop this misinformation from being published? I am kind of curious as to why our imbedded reporters haven’t reported any of these atrocities. They have no problem publishing pictures of some trailer trash bimbo with a leash around some scumbag’s neck, I’m pretty sure they wouldn’t miss this story!

A fatwa was sent out last week that was endorsed by 26 Saudi “scholars” and mullahs. I put scholar in quotes because I think it’s ridiculous to use that word when talking about these assholes, but that’s what the press calls them. The fatwa said that it was a “legitimate right” for Iraqis to resist American troops. “Fighting the occupiers is a duty for all those who are able,” said the fatwa. “It is a jihad to push back the assailants…Resistance is a legitimate right. A Muslim must not inflict harm on any resistance man or inform about them. Instead, they should be supported and protected.” This from a government and a people that are supposed to be allies of the U.S. I wonder if these “scholars” ever put out a fatwa against Saddam!

The government of Saudi Arabia recently offered amnesty to Saudi Al-qaeda! They said amnesty or retribution. Hmmm, I wonder which one I would pick? I’ll take amnesty and a weapon for $2000 Alex.

Being The Ugly American that I am I’m not going to worry about who I offend around the world. Is it just me, or does this so called “religion” demand that its followers destroy the rest of the world? You know, kill all the infidels. Do the majority of Muslims around the world live in poverty? Or does it just look that way on TV? I mean, look at all those countries in the Middle East. These should be some of the richest places on the planet. All that oil money pouring in and what do they have to show for it? State run newspapers, schools for males only that teach hate, legalized female mutilations, state sponsored terrorism, state sponsored religion. Their people live in shacks without the basic necessities. No running water, electricity or anything that can be thought of as 20th century, let alone 21st! Where’s the fatwa against living in squalor? Where’s the fatwa against living in ignorance? Oh yeah, they want their people to be ignorant, that’s why they don’t want the U.S. there in the first place!

Isn’t this the 21st century? I can understand how some countries can still be in poverty. They have no “black gold” to sell to the rest of the world. There really is no excuse for any person that lives in the Middle East to live in poverty. I guess maybe if we were somehow able to keep the UN out of it, some of those countries might have more money. I do understand that the government is not required to hand out anything to its citizenry. I don’t expect it from my government. Then again, my government isn’t making obscene money from its oil fields. It’s also my understanding that countries like Kuwait don’t even do the work themselves. They hire it out to foreign workers and sit back and collect the income. Nice work if you can get it. I mean the sitting around part.

I keep hearing about some non-existent kindler, gentler Muslim religion. I’m still waiting to see it, or at least hear from it some time soon.

Go ahead, make my day!
Of all the Islamic/Arab countries, the Saudi Arabians are the best diplomats. Who else could be best friends with both the United States and hardcore Wahabi fundamentalists?
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