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The Ugly American
Sunday, November 14, 2004
  Rants of a smoker
I’m in a blue state this week, Massachusetts to be exact. I left my hotel to try to find a place to watch some football and I found out that MA, like a few other blue states is fast becoming a non-smoking state. MA passed their non-smoking law this past July. After a little research, I found out that Connecticut, Delaware, Maine, and New York have similar laws. I already knew about the California law. As a matter of fact, a few years back, Del Mar, CA tried to outlaw smoking in public! You couldn’t even walk down the street with a lit cigarette! I’m not sure how that turned out. I moved! Several other states have laws based on the seating capacities of the establishments. All around the country there are laws infringing on the rights of smokers to kill themselves in public!

The blue states are supposed to be where all the “open-minded” people reside. Yet, they increasingly infringe on the rights of business owners. They make decisions for the owners of restaurants and bars without concern for how it may affect their livelihoods.

I understand that smoking is bad for me. I’m pretty sure that every other person that smokes knows this as well. If they don’t, they probably should be eligible for retroactive abortion. I’ve also read reports saying that second hand smoke is bad for you also. I’ve also read reports that say that they can neither confirm nor deny the effects of second hand smoke. But most smoke could be dealt with by the use of better ventilation.

A survey of over 1500 bartenders [SURVEY] found that though most did not smoke, they felt that smoking should be allowed in bars and restaurants. They also believed that it was hurting business. Either way, that’s not the issue here.

The issue is whether or not the government should be infringing on the rights of private business owners. If I own a bar and I decide to allow smoking and the general population where that bar is located doesn’t want a smoking establishment, I’m sure I could figure that out. It would probably be pretty easy. I’d see it on the cash register tape every night. As it stands, in many places, business owners aren’t allowed to make that choice themselves. They have their hands tied by the Government. When I lived in Surprise, AZ a few years ago, the local city council pushed through a smoking ban without a vote. I’m pretty sure most of these other places listed did it the same way.

I know that non-smokers will say that I’m infringing on their right to enjoy a meal or a drink in a smoke free environment and they would be free to boycott that particular business if that’s the way they feel. Hurt the owner in his or her wallet, like I said earlier. I’ve also heard the argument about employees not having a choice, but I don’t buy that argument either. Just like a boycott, they can work somewhere else and that would hurt the business owner as well.
Indeed. I quit smoking two years ago, but still think it should be allowed in some places. Not so much movie theatres, that's a toughy. Unless you live somewhere with a LOT of theatres to pick from.... which we do.
I think people should be blessed with the right to make the choice for themselves.
On the other hand, I wish the tobacco companies would go evil belly up in flames.
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